Looking for a summer college All-State Choir Camp?

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Registering for Choir in 2017-2018

How to register for the Flo Mo Choirs!


Taking Voice Lessons this school year?

1 - Make sure you sign up online for a spot!  https://goo.gl/forms/dwiOdC2Jwxa78iFW2

2 - Read and print out the Voice Lesson Instructional Handbook!

Music Career Resourses

http://www.menc.org/information/infoserv/careersinmusic.htm - from the Music Educators National Conference (MENC).

“I’d like to know more about music careers.”
“I should be on stage.”
“How do I become a music teacher?”
“What is the ‘music industry’?”
“How can I continue my education?”
“I need financial aid…”

http://www.berklee.edu/careers/ - from the Berklee College of Music web site.

Contemporary Writing/Production
Music Business/Management
Film Scoring
Music Education
Music Production/Engineering
Music Synthesis
Record Companies
Tours/Road Work 

Buy Food, Help Choir!

Here is a way to give money to choir, without actually giving money to choir.

Link your Tom Thumb Reward Card up to account #9925. You can do this at the Service Desk. Then, just shop. Tom Thumb will give one percent of your total purchases to the FMHS Choir. Just like that! You don't need to do anything else, and it doesn't cost you anything. It just helps us, every time you use your card!

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