Class Facts: This class is the 2017-2018 Chamber Singers, taught during 4th period in the choir room. The teacher is Ms. Lindsay Swartwood (office: 469/713-5192; e-mail:

Course Description: A curriculum for the study of choral music, sight-singing, and vocal technique is offered at this level. Performances at UIL are auditioned and TMEA/local competitions are encouraged. Students enrolled in this course will demonstrate an understanding of choral music as performer, critic, and consumer. Students will also demonstrate an understanding of basic music theory and music history. 

Outcomes: The outcomes of this course, which are based upon both the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and the National Standards for Music Education, are:

  • The student will describe and analyze musical sound and demonstrate musical artistry
  • The student will sing, individually and in groups, performing a variety of music
  • The student will read and write music notation
  • The student will create and arrange music, within specific parameters
  • The student will learn to relate music to history, society, and to culture
  • The student will respond to and evaluate music and musical performance

Performance Eligibility: Choir is an activity that is governed by and subject to the regulations of the University Interscholastic League (UIL). The “No Pass, No Play” rule stipulates that students who fail a course at certain times of year are ineligible to participate in any choir activity that is competitive, charges admission, or is off campus. Once a student is ineligible, they must regain eligibility by passing all of their classes by the next grading period. It is the student’s responsibility to both understand UIL eligibilty and keep track of their own grades.

Grading Policy/Assessment:

40% - Performance – performance check of class music, either individually or in small groups, as well as concert attendance and performance will comprise a total of 40 percent of the student’s grade.

15% - Sight-Reading/Aural Skills assignments will comprise a total of 15 percent of the student’s grade.

15% - Written Assignments, covering composition, improvisation, the science of singing, performance criticism, history and theory, etc., will comprise a total of 15 percent of the student’s grade.

30% - Daily Performance Practices include fundamentals of daily rehearsal technique (no gum, good posture, has folder and pencil, etc), understanding of pedagogy, and performance expression, will comprise a total of 30 percent of the student’s grade.

The semester examination will be factored in to the student’s overall grade in accordance with LISD policy.

Audition Point System: This year, students can gain or lose points toward next year’s large ensemble audition score, based on activities and events that may happen over the course of the school year. All students must obtain at least one point in order to considered for next year’s Jaguar Chorale. 

Students can gain points the following ways:

  • Attend a summer choir camp (FMHS or College) +3 points maximum
  • Audition for the school musical + 1 point
  • Be chosen and participate in the school musical + 3 points
  • Audition for region/state choir + 2 points
  • Be chosen for region choir or higher + 4 points
  • Participate in the Men's Chamber Choir +1 point
  • Participate in Shades of Blue or Azure +1 point
  • Receive a rating of “II” at LISD contest on a solo + 1 point
  • Receive a rating of “I” at LISD contest on a solo + 2 points
  • Take weekly voice lessons , pending voice teacher’s approval + 4 points per semester
  • Audition for the Flo Mo Pop Show or Coffeehouse +1 point maximum
  • Audition for the JV Chamber Choir +1 point
Students can lose points the following ways:
  • Be ineligible - 5 points
  • In School Suspension - 5 points
  • Be sent to ISS as a result of a choir offense - 10 points each
  • Discipline referral by a choir director - 5 points each
  • Unexcused absence at concert or off-campus rehearsal - 5 points each

Rehearsal Management:

  • Be On Time: You must be in the room by the beginning of the first warm-up, first announcement from a director, or by the beginning of the Texas pledge/School Announcements. If not, you are tardy, and may only enter with a pass. No stories, no hurt looks…this is the policy.
  • Be Prepared: Have your music and a pencil, every day. Turn in permission slips, forms, assignments, etc., on time. No food, drink or gum is allowed in the choir room; water, however, is allowed (and encouraged). 
  • Be Attentive: Do not distract the director or those around you, talk with your neighbors while the choir is singing, etc. Obey the technology policy as explained.  Problems in this regard could result in disciplinary action, in accordance with school policy.
  • Be Mature: Listen, and don't ask questions that have already been answered. The piano is off-limits to everyone, including those who fancy themselves piano players…go use a practice room piano.
  • Be Grateful: This is an awesome program!

Other Information:

FMHS Choir Civil Code: Students will follow the Civil Code, or face disciplinary action.  

Digital Information/Social Media: Technology use will be addressed in class.  When not permitted, technology must be put away.  The choir is active on social media and via the internet.

  • Students will get text reminders via the Remind app.  This will be addressed in class.
  • Students and interested parents will find class information using the Dropbox app.  This will be addressed in class.
  • Students and parents will receive e-mails through Charms Office; this will be addressed at the upcoming mandatory parent meeting – September 8. 
  • The choir website,, has information that will impact both the choir community, and the public.
  • You can "like" our Facebook page, "Flower Mound HS Choir."
  • You can follow us on Twitter:
    • @flomochoir – choir program’s Twitter
    • @lswrtwd – Ms. Swartwood’s Twitter

Performance attire:

MEN - attire is concert black: Tuxedo coat, black tie and black pants, all provided by FMHS. You will need to purchase a wing-tipped tuxedo shirt, black socks and black dress shoes. You will be responsible for any damage to the tuxedo while it is checked out in your name. Be very kind to it!

WOMEN - attire is a black dress, also provided by FMHS. You will need to supply natural hose and black, closed-toed shoes with a heel of no more than 2”. Absolutely no visible jewelry on stage; uniformity is very important.  Also, please refrain from cologne or perfume on stage. Many people have allergies to them. 

In addition, members of all concert groups will need a choir shirt. The cost for this is included in your activity fee. Singers in the pop groups will have both formal and informal uniforms. These will be explained to you during your rehearsals.

Music, folders, etcYou will be assigned music, and a folder slot in which to put it. Hole-punch the music and place it in your binder. Please be kind to your music – you will be charged if it is lost or damaged. Also, put a pencil in your folder, and use it every day

An Important Note About Sacred (Religious) Music: The selection of sacred music in public schools has been addressed in a policy statement by the American Choral Directors Association, in conjunction with legal professionals. All choral music selected at Flower Mound High School conforms to that statement; this statement is available upon request. When selected, sacred music is studied and performed for its inherent beauty of structure and form; its purpose in study is learning for the sake of developing artistic understanding and responsiveness.