What are the Flo Mo Choirs about?

FMHS Choirs - Basic Facts

The Flo Mo Choirs are academic classes, where choral music is studied and assessed. 

Often, non-singers assume that, in choir, students just “show up and sing.”  Well, our students do show up, and sing.  They also learn about the details of music theory (scales, rhythm, pitch, keys, tempo, and the like), music history, vocal pedagogy, and performance philosophy.  This is in addition to the main focus in class of teaching each student to sing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music at the highest possible level.  We use both state and national standards for choral music to build a challenging, rewarding curriculum.

Obviously, when students learn, they need to be assessed.  Choir students at FMHS have homework that needs to be completed on deadline in order to receive course credit.  This includes both written and performed homework, as well as quizzes and tests, in addition to required attendance at performances and out-of-school rehearsals.  Students are required to be passing all courses by the state of Texas in order to participate in many of our activities.  Low grades in choir will have an impact on the choir in which students participate. 

The Flo Mo Choirs have a busy and exciting performance calendar.

Choir is an “outside of school” commitment.  There are occasional concerts, practices, dress rehearsals and the like that happen outside of school, and attendance at those events is compulsory.  Our beginning choirs have 6-7 public performances each school year, with additional field trips and experiences.  Our advanced groups have more.

For most students, the performances and evening events are a highlight of their experience in choir.  It does, however, require both a willingness to commit to the time and an ability to plan in order to be where they need to be and also keep up with their other schoolwork. 

Our public calendar can be found below; the school code is "FlowerMoundHSChoir".

FMHS Choir Public Calendar

The Flo Mo Choirs offer both auditioned and non-auditioned ensembles.

Some students want to just sing, without the stress of an audition.  For those students, we have a non-auditioned choir (Treble Choir for the ladies, The Gentlemen Jags for the guys).  These choirs do not require an audition, but do require an understanding of what choir is about in terms of time, commitment, and fees.  We do not offer a “non-performance” choir; all of our choirs participate fully in every aspect of our calendar.

It is important to note that most of the singers in our non-auditioned groups have had up to three years of middle school choral experience, at outstanding schools.  Other “new” singers to choir have been singing on stage in preparatory musical theatre programs for years. So, our “non-auditioned” choirs aren’t really “beginning” choirs at all.  We do accept and absolutely welcome beginners; we are one of the few performance media to do so.  But there is a learning curve to discovering how to sing correctly, read music, and participate as a part of a choral ensemble.  Of course, we will happily take anyone who enrolls and make them better. 

For those students who relish the opportunity to take on more challenging music, we have several auditioned choirs.  Auditions happen in the spring for incoming 10th-12th graders, and in the fall for incoming 9th graders.  Students transferring from other districts can audition when they arrive.

The Flo Mo Choirs require a fee in order to maintain our national reputation for excellence and create life-changing opportunities.

We have a tradition of excellence in our choirs, one that has been cultivated since we opened our doors in 1999.  We commission works from new composers.  We travel around the Metroplex.  We bring in guest conductors and clinicians.  We have a uniform look, regardless of the kind of performance.  We find the newest music, and participate in contests and festivals around the state, and the country.  All of these opportunities have become an integral part of our program, and offering these opportunities has become an expectation.

In order to pay for the costs associated with presenting a nationally recognized program, it is necessary to charge an “activity fee” for the year.  This year’s fee is $140 per student.  The Activity Fee Form can be found below.  The fees are collected and managed by the Flower Mound High School Booster Club, whose financial information is a matter of public record, so you can always see where the fees are going.

If payment of the fee is a concern due to financial constraints, a payment plan can be arranged, or parts of the fee can be waived.  A link to a form requesting financial assistance can be found below.  Ability-to-pay should never be a reason why a student cannot sing in choir, and we won’t let it be.

2017-2018 Activity Fee Form

The Flo Mo Choirs are active on social media and the web:  We have an online student database that each student needs to sign on to and learn to use once they join us, www.charmsoffice.com.  Our calendar is located there, and many handouts and forms are placed there.

The choir website, www.fmhschoir.com, has a lot of information about what our choir offers, as well as pictures of the ensembles, curricular information, booster club news, and the like.  You can also check out what the choir is up to on Facebook at “Flower Mound HS Choir”.  Up to date news and announcements are sent out either on Twitter (@flomochoir) or through Remind text messages (students sign up for Remind once they join choir).

In class, students either will find class materials in an online Dropbox or through the school’s Google Drive.  Students practice sight-reading and record their efforts via www.sightreadingfactory.com.  Assignments are given out and returned online; the specifics for this will be explained in class.  The Flo Mo Choirs participate fully and passionately in the digital and online world, in accordance with the Lewisville ISD’s Strategic Design. 

The Flo Mo Choirs have fun, but take singing seriously. 

Singing is fun; there’s no doubt about that, and the students in the Flo Mo Choirs like to have fun.  That having been said, it is most fun when choir is awesome.  We work hard, each and every day.  Many of the students study voice privately.  All of them are committed to being a part of something bigger than themselves.  We have a blast in class, and any student you ask will tell you so.  They’ll also tell you that singing is hard work, and that they don’t mind one bit!